Advantages of the Double Deer Drag

1. Allows TWO draggers to walk SINGLE FILE in a more direct route

Being able to walk single file instead of shoulder to shoulder will enable you to take a much more direct route dragging your deer and as we know, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Two people walking shoulder to shoulder will drag a deer on average 36% further than two dragging with the IN-LINE DOUBLE DEER DRAG ( 1/2 mile, point to point, deer woods pedometer test ) Why do that ?

2. Reduces the per person load by 50%

The average deer weighs 125 pounds dressed. Dragging 62.5 pounds is far easier than 125 pounds. Shoot a deer that weighs over 150 pounds and you won't ever forget that drag! The DOUBLE DEER DRAG will greatly reduce your dragging time and cut the effort in half !

3. Evenly Distributes the load between the two draggers

Double Deer Drag's IN-LINE concept provides for a significantly better transfer of energy to the deer from the two draggers maintaining momentum and forward movement because constant energy is applied to the drag. When two draggers walk shoulder to shoulder, they torque the stick back and forth, there is no efficient transfer of energy, making the drag much more strenuous. Yes, you can cut a stick and tie on a rope, but that stick will torque back and forth depending upon which person is stronger or pulling harder. IT SIMPLY IS NOT EFFICIENT and incredibly annoying after 30 minutes of dragging !

4. Wrist straps eliminate finger fatigue

The DOUBLE DEER DRAG'S 1" hand straps become one with your arm, seamlessly connecting the drag and the deer. With the traditional stick and rope, all of the stress is places on the fingers that are wrapped around the stick and your fingers will quickly fatigue and cramp. 5. Two draggers can easily drag any deer from the thickest of cover

Most deer die in thick places that trucks and ATVs can not get to, or motorized vehicles not allowed in to. Manual dragging is the only option. Even when motorized vehicles are an option, there is usually a 1/4 to 1/2 mile drag to get the deer to your vehicle.

Carts can't easily get into thick cover, are impossible to pull over fallen trees and are too wide to traverse through the deer woods. Again, manual dragging is the only option

6. Takes up very little space in your hunting pack

7. Can be easily attached to any plastic deer sled to provide all of the advantages above.


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